Faces of Vietnam - A Trilogy


I have created this exhibit which has been shown at various venues including, West Point Military Academy, The Class of 1924 Gallery,  The University of Hartford’s School of Art’s Museum, Loading Dock Gallery (as its opening show).

I am a photographer (served in Vietnam 1970) who has put together a photo exhibit call “Faces of Vietnam and Aftermath -  A Trilogy”.

 From thousand of slides I have created an  exhibit consisting of fifty (50) photographs, twenty four (24) from Vietnam (1970), thirteen (13) from a HBO concert “A Vietnam Welcome Home Concert 1987,” and thirteen (13) from a New York City Welcome Home Parade.

The photos from Vietnam are mostly portraits of the men I served with in the field, versus the battle photos that everyone became so familiar with from the news, Look and Life magazines. My show reflects the faces of war on the faces of the man who lived it day to day 

The next set of photos is from an HBO Concert. The photos consist of Vietnam Veterans tailgating before the concert, portraits of some of the guests who gave their time for the concert (John Ritter, Crosby, Still and Nash, James Brown, Martha Raye to name a few), and a general flavor of the concert.

The third in the series is from a Welcome Home Parade in New York City where I was s photographer and marcher.

If you have interest about photographs from this show or would like to discuss having the complete show at your school, Museum or gallery please feel free to email me (stukrentcil@yahoo.com) or call me at ()978) 502-8740.